Belgium the beautifull

I just stumbled upon a Facebook site called ‘Ugly Belgian Houses’ and I did not like it. Not that I say Belgium doesn’t have ugly houses. That would be a lie. But I happen to love that country.

Yes I must admit, some of the houses listed on the site were hideous. Who ever traveled through Belgium knows Belgium houses can be very ‘special’ sometimes. Have extensions or renovations that are not very aesthetically pleasing. But it’s hardly unique in that.
I traveled through most of North-Western Europe on my bicycle, and the speed of a bicycle, especially one loaded with camping gear, allows you plenty of time to look around. So I dare to say, I’ve taken a good look at a lot of houses in the Nethelands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. And I found beauty in all of it. Sure, they are different. And nobody will confuse Belgium for hyper organised, hyper structured and scrubbed Switzerland. Belgium is the scruffy uncle, that never paints is house in one time, so there is always some window where the paint is peeling. Who stirs his coffee with a pencil cause the spoons are all dirty.

Belgium is a bit messy. They like to do things their way. It gives it character. So I love Belgium. Like I love Switzerland to. Because it has character.


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