The Loudest Silence

Sometimes you have to be really loud to go silent. So for two days my son and I were very loud, and experienced the biggest silence I ever heard.

While everybody was trying to figure out what to feel and do after ‘Paris’, I was with my son at a concert on the Monday after that weekend. And on the Tuesday. Not to be a brave protester, not to make a statement…but we had planned it for a long time, looked forward to it, and we were just simply not going to let it be ruined by hatred. In any form.

So maybe that made the evening extra special, probably our senses were on a higher alert than normal, but whatever it was, we heard the starting band, and decided that we really, really liked it. Music wise, performance wise, it was just right. Would it have been less right on another night, in other circumstances? I don’t know. I just know that from now on, I am a fan of Deadly Circus Fire, from London. Things are sometimes just exactly at the right place at the right time. Like the headliners.

I never saw them before, my son likes them, so when the tickets were there, and not very expensive, I just bought them, figuring that it would probably be a nice show, and in any way a good night out. Turns out, I really like it when skilled artists blend of reggae and metal.

You can not be gloomy and wonder where the next shooting will be, when a band like Skindred takes you on a trip, and makes you dance. One of the biggest things we ever achieved as people, in my eyes, is music. This particular night was maybe not everybodies taste of music, but that’s okay. That’s just because we have another great thing in our souls. Individual taste and preferences. That thing that makes the world an interesting place.

The second night was even louder, in a venue with thousands of people, so when the singer of Papa Roach asked everybody to shut up for a moment to remember the victims, I was skeptical about what would happen. But the silence spread like a ripple through the hall, until there was actually nobody making any sound. At all.
I like silence sometimes, maybe because metal is such a big love of mine. Real silence can be beautiful. So I have looked for silence before, but never experienced it like this. Silence is not just an absence of sound, when there is nothing around to make any noise. Silence as a choice is something completely different. It is maybe the most beautiful thing people ever created. It definitively was that night.


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