A Thatched Roof

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Beverley Nichols second book about his house in the village of Allways takes us from the garden into the cottage…where we bang our heads on the low doorposts, find hidden treasures behind the walls, and see the author as a dedicated dog owner. What might be a surprise to those who only know Nichols as the author of cat books!
It is a delightfull book, and a journey back in time to when some people still had servants, and housekeepers. So some things seem a bit strange to the modern reader. But the strugles of buying an old house and all the bagage that comes with it is of course timeless, and I loved to read how he shapes the house to his liking. A leaking roof is an excuse to go cut reeds in the swamp, and if you ever want to read how central heating and a new water well (in the ’30s the country side was not all connected to the water mains, and electricity has not yet reached the village!) can almost lead to poetry, this is the book for you. Not to mention the introduction of electrical light in the cottage…

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Beverely Nichols is still published at Timberpress.