In de heg

Het was een mooie koprol
Maar het applaus bleef uit
Want het was maar een renner
Niet iemand verkleed als een stuk fruit

Het was maar een renner
Een slaaf van de weg
Als de auto niet oplet
Gaat ie gewoon maar in de heg

Het was maar een wedstrijd
De sponsor bleef mooi in beeld
Wie geeft er nu nog om de renner
Z’n valpartij is wel al heel vaak gedeeld


Cut Cutler?

It’s decision time in Chicago. Do they say goodbye to Jay Cutler end of the year, or in two years, or do they try to keep him ticking as long as they can? After all, 33 is not very old any more for a QB nowadays. It isn’t young of course, but with some carefull management, and good protection, you should be able to squeeze probably three or four more good productive years out of him.

The thing is only, after watching the Bears – Eagles game, I don’t think they will be able to protect their QB this year at all. He was assaulted and kicked around the field by the Eagles Defence like a ragdol. It is no miracle he is already out with a injury. The Bears O-line sucks.

So, you can point at Cutler, and his recent injuries, and say the team obviously needs a new QG, cause this one is broken. Can’t stay up. Useless. You could.

But any QB will be beaten into sickbay when he’s playing behind this protection. A younger QB might last a little longer, but not much. This is not a situation that you fix with changing one player.

But besides THAT. Pray tell me, who is this this hot QB they would plug in? Free agents in 2017 are probably Kirk Cousins, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, Shaun Hill, EJ Manuel and Blaine Gabbert. So…in order of appearance…
Are you serious, Older than Jay(feels like that anyway), You must be joking, a Vikings 2nd stringer, a Cleveland bust, or Gabbert.
Let’s see that crowd on the stands for one of those guys. Oh…wait. How about trading for Gino Smith than, surely the Jets will be reasonable….
If you have to choose from these options, then Gabbert is playing surprisingly good at SF,  that is true. But I would not bet the farm on him, personally.
Gambling on snatching up Garopolo in one or two years because the Patriots wil never retire Brady? Master plan.

So you’re gonna bet on snatching up a hot Rookie QB next year, and send Jay out to pasture? Not with hat O-line you wonn’t. You could draft the next Andrew Luck next year, but stil be without a viable option at QB by week 4.

The Bears will just have to bite the bullet, and really invest in the position in my opnion.
Draft the best QB they can next year. (And not to put salt in a wound, they will draw high next year if things continue like this.) And the year after that, do it again. Or, draw a QB in the first AND second round next year. Don’t play them their first year. Keep Jay for three more years in the team as your no.1 QB. Start to put your young QB’s into rotation SLOWLY.

That takes two years at least. After three years, you will know which one to keep, and which one to trade. That gives you also three years to draft and buy an O-line that will be worthy of a franchise like the Bears. Because let’s not forget it’s the flippin BEARS we talk about here. This is a proud franchise with history, and a great city behind it. Teams should be worried when they play the Bears. They should be scared.

Now I am sure that loads of people will tell me this is idiotic. That you are waisting draft picks by choosing two QB’s. Well, given the amount of busts with first round picks…I don’t think so! It is very likely that one of those two guys will turn out to be no NFL material. You have to act according to that.
Yes but, all the other positions? The defence! Corners! Receivers!
Gimme a break. There are always quality players in these positions in the second and third round. Or the fourth. You might not get the HOT new corner. But does the hot young corner keep your QB upright? Is he getting you the winning throw in the last second?

I don’t think so.
True, you will not draft the next J.J. Watt this way. And that is a shame. Every team will get a massive upgrade by drafting a player like him. I totaly get that. No discussion possible.
But in football you are nothing without a franchise QB. And a franchise QB is uselesss if you don’t keep him healthy.