Menthol hackings

I just found some very usefull and ingenious advice on how to use Vicks Vaporub in many ways on a website. Which is nice of course. I love those type of ‘Life-hack’ things.

Only in this case, it advises to put Vicks on your doorhinges when they squeek. Because it containts petroleum jelly. Now call me strange, but should I than not simply apply some Vaseline to my hinges? Somehow that seems more logical, and has the added benefit that my hinges do not smell like mentol. Which I personally prefer.
But of course, I might just decide that grabbing my can of WD40, or a bottle of bike-oil will be the best course of action here. Considering that they are also made of petroleum. And sort of designed for the job.
So like I said, I love life-hacks. But in this case, I have the feeling that it is more likely that somebody has Vaseline in the house, or WD40, than Vicks. And if they have Vicks, they will probably also have the other options available.

Basically, thise advise seems to me a bit unhinged…


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