It was June in Brittany, and on sunny days the sea was like liquid sapphire, and the beaches were white. So when after a couple of days cycling along the coast  I camped at the beautiful bay of Locquirec, I decided to take a swim. Even though most people seemed to prefer the swimming pools at the campsites over the sea, how cold could it really be? And it was almost summer after all.
In Anticipation of a nice fresh bath, I jumped from the campsite on the beach, and splashed in the water. The freezing water. It was so cold compared to the expectation I had of it when I put up my tent that I considered running away screaming, but after a while it became sort of pleasant. And people were watching. After the long days of going up and down and up and down and down and up again following the rough coastline.
It felt so good after I got out of the water, and eating pizza, and drinking cider on the beach, that I even did it again the next morning. Cider is tricky stuff. You should be careful with it.


    1. They say so…it does feel good in the muscles after cycling with luggage for a couple of days anyway. And I am ‘collecting’ swimming spots like that, because the memory feels good. Heroic and such. From experience I can say the Donau (Danube) in Vienna in May was also very cold, maybe colder than this. The Mediterranean Sea in May was also interesting 😉
      I suppose I should really try swimming those places in Juli and August I guess. I’m just not the worlds most organized person I am afraid…

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