Kill Devil

Een FB vriend heeft een ban die Kill-Devill heet. Dus vroeg ik me af, hoe ziet een Kill-Devil eruit? Misschien zo…


Kill devil



Christmas is coming

So I hide underneath the stairs

Or crawl in the dog’s basket

Cause he is sleeping the chairs


Those bloody Carrols

The present buying race

The people running

The stress on their face


Christmas is coming

And all people want to behave

But I have plans already

Gonna build me a Batman cave!


No time for Christmas

Maybe some reindeer on a plate

Santa is looking for Rudolph

To late…to late.


Kerst is leuk, maar het voelt soms zo opgedrongen door commercie, dus ik wordt dan tegendraads. Maar verder ben ik helemaal voor Kerst hoor!


Santa is coming

To a town near you

He’ll listen to your stories

And they’d better be true!


Santi is climbing

On a roof near you

With a bag full of packets

And some coal for your shoe


Santa is killing

Some bad people near you

Of his meds and full of Jack

I’m so sorry but those stories are true…

Piraten lied

Ik zag een paar jaar geleden Alestorm op een festival, en dacht, hoe moeilijk is dat nu, een zeeman lied schrijven? Dus heb ik het maar eens geprobeerd…


I sailed with the Devil
On many ports of call
Every maiden was helpless
And he deflowered them all

He left me in China
Dead drunk in the street
He stole all my money
And the shoes of my feet

I sailed with a Vixen
She liked my groping hand
Got the thurst for gold
And became dry like sand

She left me so bloody
Almost stabbed me to death
Like she never joint me
In the Captain’s bed

Now I am sailing
Along these troubled shores
In every port I search her
Between the dockside whores

One day I will find her
Or sail with the Devil once more
He might have some good left
The Vixen is rotten to the core